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Serve and protect wifi

Providing an ethical public WiFi serviceServe & Protect - Guest and public WiFi

Every day there are stories in the press how criminals are hacking into public WiFi networks in order to steal usernames, passwords and other personal information. In addition, some of the “community” public WiFi providers are selling their users’ online data and related information to 3rd party advertising agencies.

Airangel has positioned itself as an ethical public WiFi provider who is taking an active stance in protecting their clients guest users’ Privacy and Security online. Our recent partnership with F-Secure strengthens this positioning and further differentiates Airangel from other public WiFi providers.

The MyAirangel platform is Airangel’s differentiator in a crowded WiFi market. MyAirangel allows for Airangel’s Clients to gather information about their guests whilst they are accessing the Internet in their venue. This data enables the Client to get a better understanding of their guest’s preferences and behaviours, ultimately allowing them to get closer to their guests and enhance the online experience.

Conversely, Airangel recognizes the importance of personal privacy and security when on line. By the sheer definition of public WiFi, these networks are unsecured. Airangel allows for the venue to offer their guests a variety of device downloads that can protect their privacy when accessing the Internet from a public WiFi space.

We call this approach Serve & Protect:

We SERVE our Clients with information about their Guests that enables venues to get closer to their customers, enhancing the online experience and build loyalty

We PROTECT your Guests by allowing them to download software that protects their device from the worst of WiFi threats

Airangel sets itself apart by guaranteeing that data gathered in our Client venues will not be shared with or sold on to any 3rd party operations for marketing purposes. We adhere to our ISO 27001 accreditation and share data only with those parties that have a legal right to have visibility (e.g. Payment Processers, Law Enforcement).

To assist in our mission of Serve & Protect, Airangel has partnered with F-Secure to deliver applications to end user devices that can protect them from online security threats.

This service is positioned as an offer from your brand – not from Airangel – thus offering a significant value add to your guests in your venue.