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This is MyAirangel

myaaThis is the platform that offers you the ability to Control, Personalise, and Socialise the Guest Journey Experience. MyAirangel allows you to determine who, how, when, and where your Guests can access the Internet.

MyAirangel is a cloud-based WiFi Management Control Panel that allows you to enhance your guest’s connectivity and WiFi experience. It puts you in-control, giving overall access to your infrastructure coupled with a selection of powerful marketing tools.

MyAirangel provides

  • Guest access to the Internet from your own portal branded with your company logo, promotions and localised content.
  • Bespoke portals for specific events to deliver highly tailored content as well as options for third party offers and advertising
  • Detailed analytics and reports on WiFi usage
  • A robust WiFi infrastructure designed to handle peaks and troughs in Internet usage depending on occupancy
  • Control over if and what you charges for WiFi and any limits they want to set on duration and bandwidth
  • A way for visitors to log in using their favourite social network to make access quick and hassle-free
  • Full compliance with European legislation on Lawful Intercept to ensure you are not liable should illegal activity be carried out via their Internet connection
  • Hassle-free Internet for your guests for the duration of their visit or stay 




Which gives you

  • A continuous branded experience that serves as a constant reminder of your values and USPs and enhances the customer experience
  • The means to generate additional revenue as guests access the Internet when attending an event
  • The ability to deliver real-time pin-point marketing to create new revenue opportunities and highly targeted and timely customer communications
  • Access to customer data and intelligent analytics to help you deliver valuable content directly relevant to both your own business and your customers’ needs
  • High levels of customer satisfaction as a result of fast broadband even when demand is high
  • Flexibility and control over what you charges and the level and type of WiFi service you wish to provide your guests with, whether they are with them for just a few hours or several weeks
  • A dramatic increase in brand reach, customer loyalty & engagement through the power of social networking

Continuous Developmentbigimage

MyAirangel software & modules are developed using the lightweight “Agile” software development methodology, and as such focuses on delivering customer satisfaction by rapid delivery of useful software.

With our motivated team of trusted individuals, our approach allows us to adapt to rapid changes in circumstance and requirements. Our modular design allows us to be flexible and deliver solutions that can be tailored to the specific requirements of individual clients.


By using industry recognised methods we ensure we write and deliver:

  • Economically sustainable code (a little more time upfront, delivering lower support in longer term)
  • Version-controlled, test-driven development (solid code that can be delivered and deployed in a controlled manner with high levels of quality assurance)
  • Database independence/flexibility Through test-driven

A close relationship with our clients and a dedication to understanding their businesses allows us to identify specific areas for solution enhancement. Our creative team draws on experiences gained through delivering solutions across core Hospitality sectors (hotels, retail, outdoor, food and drink, and corporate venues) to ensure we drive real business value to our clients.

All development would be delivered within a framework that uses principals taken from industry-recognised process models such as Prince2 ™ and ITIL ™.