WiFi Services

Where guest WiFi experience meets innovation

In today’s fast moving world, your customers need to be able to access the Internet whenever and wherever. If the “wherever” happens to be in your venue, Airangel can help make the connection.WiFi Services

Just providing guest & public WiFi simply isn’t enough anymore. You need to be able to control, personalise, and socialise the customer experience. And that’s where we come in.

When it comes to WiFi we don’t compromise. We’re here to make your customer’s WiFi experience the best it can be. With an Airangel network, your customer’s can benefit from fast, secure, Internet browsing accessed on their terms. No fuss. No stress.

We combine our extensive experience with best-of-breed technologies to make sure you get a flexible, tailored and future-proof solution built around the ever-changing demands of your customers and the evolving needs of your business.

The team of technology experts at Airangel have a sole purpose: to stay on the cutting edge of advancements in WiFi. By combining their in-depth understanding of WiFi, web and CRM with industry-leading development skills, our experts help create new and exciting solutions to anticipate and exceed customer and industry needs.

At our core, we deliver 3 types of service:

Technical Services: This is the heavy lifting stuff. This is hardware, build, configuration, testing, shipping, cabling, installation, and surveying. Whilst we may choose to outsource this work, you can rest assured that your Airangel Technical Account Manager will have complete control over the Project.

Software Services: This is MyAirangel. This is the platform that offers you the ability to Control, Personalise, and Socialise the Guest Journey Experience. MyAirangel allows you to determine who, how, when, and where your Guests can access the Internet.

Support Services: This is the differentiator. This is what makes your service better than the restaurant across the road. We offer you a Helpdesk with opening hours tailored to suit you. From 9 – 5 to 24/7 end user support, we’re here to support your network.

By focusing on excellent across these services, we constantly strive to deliver an exceptional WiFi experience for our clients and their customer’s.

WiFi is all we do – it’s our passion.